In creating a stunning and unique package the material finish is paramount. We only use the finest covering materials sourced from around the world. Beautiful papers manufactured in the United Kingdom, elegant fabrics from Germany, exquisite leathers from Italy and amazing PU materials from the USA. The design of your package may be focused around the product it will house. Using premium covering materials coupled with your choice of embellishments will create a lasting impression of elegance, style and visual appeal. We will assist you in selecting the best covering & lining materials as well as the appropriate embellishments to achieve the desired appearance and feel to best showcase your product.

  • Material Wrapping is the process of hand or machine laminating a material to the exterior.
  • Material Lining is the process of hand or machine laminating a material to the interior.


Premium specialty papers, cloths and leathers caress the eyes and touch with their individual surfaces.

Uncoated materials have no added layer on the surface and have a natural feel. They are porous and inks bleeds into the material reducing the print  detail so embellishments like foil stamping and blind debossing are the best  options for effective branding. Uncoated materials are available with many different embossing, colours, and weights and have a matt finish.

Coated materials are generally coated with nylon, polyester, acrylic or an Aqueous (water based) coating. They have a smoother finish and are not too porous. Ink will sit on a coated surface and take longer to dry thus producing sharper and brighter print because the ink doesn’t bleed into the material. Coated materials provide great durability and come in a variety of gloss or matt finishes.

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  • Offset printing
  • Flexo printing
  • Screen printing

  • Note: Printing large areas of dark colours on white substrates can result in cracking of the colour at folds and cuts etc.


Various embellishments and print options are available to enhance the impact of your branding and product message.

The finishing glossary can be found on the ‘Specifications” page.


  • De-bossing
  • Foil Stamping
  • Combination Stamping
  • Spot UV Varnish

Other options to keep in mind

  • Magnetic closures: there are some design limitations associated with magnetic closures.
  • We can die cut almost any shape in your package for a dramatic view of the product.
  • Inserts of various types can improve your product visibility and also provide protection to fragile items.
  • Various types of Gift bag handles are available, leather, twisted cord, rope, paper, ribbon etc.
  • Printed ribbons can provide an extra special appeal.